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Full Results from the March 21-23, 2014 Texas Mile

Highlights & Records

The March 2014 Texas Mile Event was a great success. Even with the rain out on Sunday, we were able to get in 891 total runs on Friday and Saturday, 53 of which were over 200MPH! Check out the cool records and highlights below.

  • FASTEST DRIVER OF THE WEEKEND: The fastest speed of the weekend was 227.1MPH achieved by Tim Siachitano in his 2003 Porsche 911 Turbo. Congrats to Tim and his crew!!!
  • FASTEST MOTORCYCLE RIDER OF THE WEEKEND: Nelson Pupo was the fastest motorcycle rider of the weekend achieving a top speed of 225.6MPH on his 2007 Suzuki Hayabusa. Nelson went over 204MPH a total of 4 times over the event weekend.
  • FASTEST FEMALE MOTORCYCLE RIDERS: We had some very fast female motorcycle riders this event.
    • Top honor goes to Jennifer Robertson who achieved a top speed of 214.0MPH on her 2005 Suzuki GSX 1300R.
    • Congrats also to Valerie Thompson who achieved a top speed of 200.4MPH on her 2012 BMW S 1000.
    • Congrats, also to Rebecca Ebert who went 195.6MPH on her 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa GSX 1300R.
  • FASTEST CORVETTE OF THE WEEKEND: David Ghiselin and team LaQuay Motorsports left the Texas Mile maintaining their title as the fastest corvette. David achieved a top speed of 213.2MPH in a 2002 Corvette Z06 toping his previous speed from October 2013 of 206.3MPH, not quite besting his previous March 2013 record of 216.3MPH.

    We had a total of 33 corvettes attend the Texas Mile March 2014 event. The corvette crowd loves this event and we appreciate their support!
  • CADILLAC CTS-V LUXURY AND SPEED: We had a total of 18 registered Cadillac's at the March 2014 event. The fastest CTS-V of the weekend was Mark Marquardt who went 200.9MPH, the first CTS-V to go 200MPH at The Texas Mile! That sure is a fast luxury car, Mark! Wow.

Special thanks to Sewell Performance, a Texas Mile Sponsor for March 2014.

  • OUR FIRST FIAT AT THE TEXAS MILE: We were excited to see how fast the Fiat would go, congrats to George Harbeson for obtaining the new Fiat record at 119.2MPH. This Fiat is a 2012 Hatchback 4 cylinder engine with a single turbo. We look forward to seeing George and his Fiat at the next event.
  • CROWD FAVORITE: The sound of that Orange Lamborghini Aventador was a head turner. Dan Nixon's car sure was the crowd favorite of the weekend. The Lamborghini's top speed was 186.1MPH.


The following people won awards based on votes at the event! Make sure you vote at the next Texas Mile event for your favorites!

  • HOTTEST TRUCK: Oren Albright wins Hottest Truck with his Red 1969 Chevrolet C10. Oren achieved a top speed of 131.1MPH.
  • HOTTEST CAR & BEST VEHICLE PAINT JOB: George Harbeson in his Gray 2012 Fiat Abarth, currently the Fastest Fiat at the Texas Mile!
  • HOTTEST BIKE & BEST MOTORCYCLE PAINT JOB: Dave Wagner wins Hottest Bike with his 2008 Suzuki GSX 1300R.
  • MOST EXOTIC: Terry Dreibelbis and her team, B.E.S.T in Texas win the award for Most Exotic in their yellow 1953 Studebaker Cammander Starline. This car is definately one you can't miss.
  • LONGEST HAUL: Rod Borsche, #1000 - 2008 Honda CBR 1000 RR, painted Blue with white lightning also known as the “Miller Bike”.
  • BEST VEHICLE PAINT JOB: Winner, Mark Heidaker, #249 - 2006 Ford GT, “The CAMO Car”.
  • LONGEST HAUL: Darren & Lloyd Harder who came all the way from Saskatoon, Canada, a total of 1,970+ miles one way!
  • MOST RUNS FOR A VEHICLE: Jess Olson wins the award for Most Runs done by a Vehicle. Jess made 9 total runs with a top speed of 193.3MPH in his 2013 Camaro.
  • MOST RUNS ON A MOTORCYCLE: Rebecca Ebert wins the award for most runs done by a motorcycle. Rebecca made 9 total runs with a top speed of 195.6MPH on her 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa GSX 1300R.
  • MOST RUNS OVER 200MPH: Mark Tredway wins the award for the most runs over 200MPH. Mark made a total of 5 runs over 200MPH with his top speed being 224.3MPH. Mark rode his 2007 Suzuki Hayabusa. Congrats Mark!

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Jessica Reyna
The Texas Mile
Event Coordinator &
Director of Customer Experience

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